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Last publish about Wireless Poker Controller

“Arguably the most stylish all in one wireless controller on the market, the sleek design and simple controls make Poker Controls a standout choice. Although the price tag might seem a lot the lightweight handset can control almost everything bar your TV set and can increase your multi-tabling abilities by roughly 25 percent….Overall this product makes the task of playing a number of tables easy and is certainly worth the investment if you are looking to take your game to the next level.”


“Online Essential – We’ve featured it before in WPT Poker and it’s still the best product for Online Poker players that we’ve yet to find. The pre-programmed buttons mean you can switch between tables, bet, raise and fold all from one controller – no more whizzing around your screen with the mouse. It has everything to make sure you win faster and longer…”

WPT Poker – Dec 2010

“Compatible with the major Poker Sites, the Wireless Poker Controller features Bet, Check, Fold & Quick Bet buttons. There is also a TILT button to shut yourself out when the losses start mounting…”

Bluff Magazine – Aug 2009

“Poker Face not included! This is the only feature not included to help you with your Online Poker game. A cool device and a must have for all Poker players…”

GEE Magazine – Aug 2009

“The New Wireless Poker Controller saves you thousands and will help you avoid making costly mistakes caused from mis clicks, missed moves and incorrect betting…”

Poker Sports Magazine – Oct 2010

“Wondering what to buy your ‘Poker-Mad’ loved ones for Xmas this year? Look no further! The Wireless Poker Controller is the revolutionary Joystick for Online Poker players. We think its set to be the Number 1 selling Poker product for Xmas!”

EYE BRISTOL – Dec 2010

“The Wireless Poker Controller is a new revolutionary device designed to assist game play with Online Poker Rooms. The controller help poker p[layers to make more accurate moves in a fast and comfortable manner.”

WPT Magazine – Oct 2010

“IF you want something a little fancier than a standard mouse then Poker Controls handset is perfect. From the raise-o-meter to the anti-tilt button this controller has every function you’ll ever need to make some serious money at the tables. Although the price tag is slightly higher than many alternative options, it will save you an untold amount of time, therefore winning you more dollars when the pressure is on.”

WPT – Oct 2010