Pinpoint Raise-O-Meter TM
Bets will increase by small, specific increments at the turn of a dial allowing for accurate and fast betting every time. The Raise-O-Meter TM can also be used in tandem with the present bet levels to enable a fast jump to the desired amount followed by precision fine tuning with the Raise-O-Meter TM before confirming the bet.
Pre-defined Bet Levels
5 quick-fire raise amounts – X2, X3, Pot & All-in – Use there one click button to bet pot, go all-in or simply jump to your desired bet level. Use any combination of buttons on the Poker Controller TM to reach the perfect bet amount.
Anti TILT Lock-out feature
When going on tilt, you can prevent emotional mistakes by pressing the TILT button, a new and totally unique feature of the Wireless Poker Controller TM. This anti-tilt feature will freeze you out of the game for a period of tine present by the player with a countdown timer displayed the time left until you can resume play.
Bet, Check or Fold
3 easy-to-reach buttons each sporting their own unique shape and angel, dedicated to the core functions of any poker game. There three buttons are always focused solely on the 3 core moves of the game and are easily accessible and identifiable on the Poker Controller TM.
Lightning Fast Multi-Table Switches
Two ergonomically placed buttons on either side of the Poker Controller TM enable the player to change tables quickly and safely. An on-screen indicator alerts you to the fact that you have changed tables and windows-specific focusing alleviates clicking on the wrong table.
Power ON/OFF, Menus & Table Play Shortcuts
The largest button on the wireless Poker Controller TM turns the device on/off an also features an auto-shutoff after 10 minutes of being idle. The Power button also acts as a menu shortcut screen providing access to the Poker Controller TM settings page. Various play setting shortcuts are also available directly above the power button, such as Auto Post Blind, Wait for a Blind Blind, Sit Out/In, Lobby and Enter button for on-screen prompts.
No Mis-Clicks
Clearly identifiable and dedicated buttons will preclude mis-clicks.
No Missed Turns
Fast and accessible buttons ensure prompt betting at all times.
Accurate & Faster Betting
Pre-set bet levels enable faster & more precise bets.
Increased Game Speed
More payers using a Poker Controller TM will mean faster game play.
Continuous Game Focus
The Poker Controller TM remains focused on the game for instant play.
Comfort & Reassurance
Comfortable and simple controls promote confident game play.
Health Benefits
Reduced back, wrist and eyesight problems from log sessions.
Reduced Titl-Based Play
Fewer mistakes, more comfort and a ‘TILT’ button for a failsafe exit.
Heightened Engagement
Memorable buttons and a comfortable position enhance game play.
Potential Financial Gain
Easy controls means less stress and a higher chance of success.