Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q. What do I need to do first to set up the Poker Controller?
A. Either use the USB cable or insert 3 x AA Batteries. Turn the Poker Controller ON using the ON/OFF switch. Then activate and download the
Poker Controller Software (see below). Once the software is installed, press the large silver Poker Controls button and the Menu Screen will appear.
Then, simply click on the Poker Room you want to play in.

Q. Why isn’t my Poker Controller working? Have I set it up right?
A. * Check you have power (the power light will be constant RED). If you do not have power, see Wired and Wireless play below.
* Check it’s switched ON using the ON/OFF switch at the bottom of the Poker Controller.
* Once you have connected batteries or the USB cable, wait 5 seconds before pressing any buttons to complete the self test.
* If using wireless mode make sure you have paired the Poker Controller with the USB receiver (see below).
* Check the Poker Controller is connected by testing the mouse touchpad.
* Check you have installed the Poker Controls Software (see below) and you can see the black software icon in the bottom right of your
screen (system tray).

Q. How do I power ON the Poker Controller?
A. Once you have setup the USB or inserted the batteries, switch ON the ON/OFF switch under the bottom left button of the mouse touchpad.

Q. How do I switch the Poker Controller OFF?
A. The Poker Controller will automatically go into standby mode if inactive for 10 minutes. To manually put the Poker Controller into standby mode,
simply hold down the sliver POKER CONTROLS button for 5 seconds and the Red Power Light will switch OFF. To completely switch OFF the device,
turn the ON/OFF switch to OFF.

Q. How do I pair the Poker Controller with my PC?
A. Press the X2 and X3 buttons together until the red power light starts flashing and press the button on the USB transmitter to pair. Once the Poker
has been paired successfully, the red power light on both the USB receiver and Poker Controller will remain constant red.

Q. What is the range of the Wireless Poker Controller?
A. The Wireless range of the Poker Controller is up to 10 metres. The Poker Controller uses 2.4 GHz Wireless Frequency.

Q. Are you experiencing problems installing our software?
A. First, you should open your Windows Explorer (you can do this by simply opening My Computer or another folder on your PC) and then type the following in the address bar and click enter: C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Apps\2.0
(if your main drive is NOT the C: drive, then change this letter accordingly – You also need to replace the word USER with the username you logon to your PC with).

If you cannot find this folder after completing the steps above, this is because some of the folders in the path might be hidden as they are system folders. There are two ways to deal with that. First, you can open the “View” tab of the Explorer’s “Tools->Folder Options” dialog window and there unckeck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” and select “Show hidden files and folders” option. As an alternative, you may type the full address in the Explorer’s address bar and press enter button on your keyboard.

When you have the contents of the “2.0″ folder open in your Explorer, you should investigate the internals of all the weird-named folders (i.e. those named like “CTX4ANVW.7TY”) and delete all their subfolders (as well as subfolders of their subfolders), whose names start with “pcsa”. This will clear the cache of the installed ClickOnce applications, after that you should try to re-download and reinstall the Poker Controls Software Application.


Q. What Poker Rooms is the Wireless Poker Controller compatible with?
A. The Poker Controller software is currently compatible with the following Poker Rooms:
Absolute Poker(.com), Cake Poker(.com), Everest Poker(.com), Full Tilt Poker(.com), Ladbrokes Poker(.com), Pacific Poker(.com), Paradise Poker(.com),
Party Poker(.com), PokerStars(.com) & Ultimate Bet(.com).

Q. Can I use the Poker Controller with any other Poker Rooms?
A. You can only use the Poker Controller with compatible poker rooms (see above). We are continuing to build compatibility with new poker rooms
all the time and will inform you of any new updates as they become available.

Q. Is the Poker Controller Compatible with .it or other country specific Poker Rooms?
A. No, the Poker Controller is not currently compatible with .it or country specific Poker Rooms. We currently only provide compatibility for the (.com)
rooms as shown above.

Q. How do I find and setup the Poker Controller Software?
A. To register, activate and download the Poker Controller Software you need to visit: and input the 16 digit
software activation number provided on the front of the Poker Controller box.

Q. What is .NET Framework?
A. In order to provide the Poker Controller with automatic updates and the features required to control game play within a number of different
poker rooms, we have integrated Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. To find out more information, please visit:

Q. Does Poker Controller Software get updated and how do I get these updates?
A. The Poker Controller Software will receive automatic updates to provide more compatibility with poker rooms and to update the features and
functionality. These updates will become available automatically every time the Poker Controller Software has been launched.

Q. What screen resolution is recommended with the Poker Controller software?
A. We recommend you use either 1280×1024, 800×600 or 640×480 screen resolution.

Q. Am I able to table switch between different poker rooms at the same time?
A. Yes, the Poker Controller Software will enable you to switch seamlessly between tables in play. In order to switch between tables in play,
simply click the TABLE (L) & (R) buttons.

Q. How many games can I play at once?
A. We recommend you play up to a maximum of 4 games at the same time.

Q. How do I make sure I am playing in the right window?
A. The software will show you a TABLE IN PLAY label and a RED border round the window that you are playing in. To shift the focus to another window, simply use the TABLE (L) & (R) buttons to move the RED border and TABLE IN PLAY focus to the next window.

Q. Why does the Poker Controller screen snap to only 3 screen sizes?
A. In order to ensure that all the functionality and buttons are mapped correctly to your Poker Controller, we have locked the Poker Controller Software to 3 default sizes. Your game window will automatically snap to one of the 3 available sizes. The available window sizes are: the smallest window size, the default window size and the maximum window size. We are continually working to increase the number of available screen sizes and these will be launched via automatic updates to the Poker Controller Software.

Q. How do I get to the Poker Controller Menu Screen?
A. To open to the Poker Controller Menu Screen, simply click once on the large silver POKER CONTROLS button on the Poker Controller.

Q. How do I close the Menu Screen?
A. To close the Menu Screen simply click once on the large silver POKER CONTROLS button on the Poker Controller when the Menu Screen is open.

Q. How do I change the Poker Rooms listed on the Menu Screen?
A. To change around the poker rooms showing on the Menu Screen, open the Menu Screen and click on Change Settings. You will then be able to select and deselect up to 8 different poker rooms that will display on the Menu Screen.

Q. Can I change the countdown time of the TILT lockout?
A. To change the countdown timer for the TILT lockout feature, simply open the Menu Screen (see above) and click Change Settings. You will then be able to change the amount of seconds for the countdown of the TILT lockout feature.

Q. Does the TILT lockout feature stop me from using the mouse and keyboard for the game?
A. Yes, the TILT lockout feature does stop you from using your mouse or keyboard for any poker games, but does not prohibit you from using these for any other programs or functions on your PC.

Q. If I want to stop using the controller in the middle of a poker game, can I continue using the mouse and keyboard?
A. Yes, the Poker Controller does not conflict or interfere with your mouse or keyboard and you can continue to use these in tandem with the Poker Controller at any time.

Q. What Poker Room languages is the Poker Controller software compatible with?
A. The Poker Controller Software is only currently compatible with ENGLISH language packs on each poker rooms. We are continually updating the software to cater for other languages and you will receive these via automatic updates to the software.

Q. Does the Poker Controller work for MAC OS?
A. No, the Poker Controller Software is not currently compatible with MAC OS.

Q. Does the Poker Controller Software work on Windows 7?
A. Yes, Poker Controls Software Application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7


Q. What batteries does the Wireless Poker Controller require?
A. The Poker Controller requires 3 x AA (1.5v) Batteries. You can also use 3 x AA rechargeable batteries to power the Poker Controller.

Q. How do I play in Wireless Mode?
A. To play in Wireless Mode, insert the batteries (as above) and switch ON the Poker Controller and pair to the USB receiver (see setup guide above). You will now be in Wireless Mode.

Q. How do I play in Wired Mode?
A. To play in Wired Mode, simply connect the USB cable provided to the top mini USB slot on the top of the Poker Controller, then connect the other end (standard USB connection) to an available USB slot on your PC. The drivers will automatically install the Poker Controller to your PC.
Please note: You do not still need the USB receiver when playing in Wired Mode.

Q. Why does the Poker Controller Power Light flash Red?
A. When you first insert the batteries to the Poker Controller for Wireless play, the Poker Controller power light will flash red intermittently to show you that the Poker Controller has not yet been paired with the USB receiver. Once you have paired the two parts (see setup above) the red power light will go to a constant red.

If you have already paired the USB and Poker Controller and the red light is still flashing, this means that your battery power is low and you either need to change the batteries or switch to Wired Mode.

Q. Why does the Poker Controller Power Light flash Green?
A. When the USB cable is connected, the Power Light will flash Green intermittently to show that the USB cable is connected properly and (if using rechargeable batteries) will show that these are currently being recharged.

Q. How do I know when my batteries are low?
A. When your battery power is low, the red power light will flash intermittently.

Q. My computer isn’t recognizing the controller through a wired connection, what do I do?
A. If you are having problems using the USB cable, we recommend that you try unplugging and re-plugging the USB cable back in 2 or 3 times which usually helps the PC to recognise the Poker Controller connection.

If you are still experiencing problems, please see the Support section below.

Q. Does the USB cable charge the batteries inside the Poker Controller?
A. The USB cable does charge the batteries inside the Poker Controller providing you are using standard AA rechargeable batteries.

Q. Can I change from Wireless to Wired mode at any time?
A. Yes you can change from Wireless to Wired mode at any time.

Q. What is standby mode? What is my Poker Controller sleeping?
A. The Poker Controller will automatically go into standby mode if inactive for more than 10 minutes. To bring the Poker Controller out of standby mode, simply press the large silver POKER CONTROLS button once and the Poker Controller will reactivate.

To manually put the Poker Controller into standby mode, simply hold down the large silver POKER CONTROLS button for 5 seconds and it will go on standby. We recommend you completely turn OFF the Poker Controller when not in use by using the ON/OFF button as this will help to save the maximum duration of the batteries.


Q. Where can I see all the functions of the Poker Controller?
A. Click here to see a close-up of all the functionality of the Wireless Poker Controller.

Q. How does the Raise-O-Meter work?
A. Simply turn the Raise-O-Meter left of right to increase/decrease the amount in the buy in screen, or when playing in a poker game, the Raise-O-Meter will increase and decrease the bet amount (by increments of the big blind). Simply turn it left or right when ready and click in at any time to reset the bet.

Q. How do the X2, X3, X5, Pot and All-in Buttons work?
A. The X2, X3, X5, POT and ALL-IN buttons will enable you to quickly jump to that bet level, e.g. if the current bet is $10, pressing X5 will make the bet $50, but it will only prepare the bet for you, as a safety feature, you will need to always press the BET button to confirm after using any of the X2, X3, X5, POT and ALL-IN buttons.

Q. Can I reset my bet?
A. Yes, you can reset your bet at any time by simply clicking down on the Raise-O-Meter.

Q. What are APB and WBB?
A. APP stands for Auto Post Blind and WBB stands for Wait for Big Blind. You can use these buttons when first sitting at a table to post the blinds or wait until the next round.

Q. What is the SIT OUT button?
A. The SIT OUT button will enable you to Sit In and Sit Out from a game at any time. Simply press the SIT OUT button once to Sit Out and press it again to Sit back in.

Q. What is the LOBBY button?
A. The LOBBY button will enable you to bring the main poker room lobby into focus at any time. Simply click on the TABLE (L) or (R) button to flick back to the game window.

Q. What is the ENTER button for?
A. The ENTER button is the same at the RETURN key on your keyboard, press the ENTER button at any time to agree to messages on screen.


Q. Does the Wireless Poker Controller come with a warranty?
A. Yes, the Wireless Poker Controller comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. Should you be experiencing any problems with your device, please revert to the Help & Support section below.

Q. How should I store the Poker Controller when I am not using it?
A. When storing the Wireless Poker Controller, we recommend that you keep it in a out of direct sunlight, away from liquids in a cool, dark place, preferably in the box provided.

Q. What should I do if I have a broken button or function?
A. If you have any problems with buttons or mechanical issues with your Poker Controller, please revert to the Help & Support section below to see how to get in contact with us.


Q. What do I do if I still need help and couldn’t find an answer above?
A. If you still need assistance and did not find answers to your questions above, please visit our Technical Support Ticketing System and submit a ticket detailing your query.

Q. What do I do if my Poker Controller is damaged?
A. If your Poker Controller has been damaged in any way and you cannot use it properly, please submit a ticket at our Technical Support Ticketing System and define the department as “Damaged/Faulty Goods”. Please include details of where you purchased the item from and proof of purchase inside the description.

Q. How do I get in contact with Technical Support?
A. To contact Technical Support, please submit a support ticket.